Tuesday, October 10, 2006

NWroyal is here.

Thanks to David for the invite--I'm glad to be part of the team. I'm Darren, I live in Eugene, Oregon, but grew up in Grandview. I'm nwroyal on the scout board. I had just turned 8 when the Royals won it all in 1985. That started my interest in baseball. It was so fun to be a part of a winner--the World Champions. I figured this kind of success would follow the Royals and I started following them very closely. 21 years later and I'm still waiting for the next playoff game. But perhaps, even in the midst of 3 straight 100 loss seasons, we are closer than we have been in a long time to fielding a good baseball team. As the team floundered, perhaps it was natural that I turned some of my attention to the Royals minor leagues--I enjoy seeing the promise of young players. It is all too tempting to try imagine the "next" Brett or White or Saberhagen. I tend to be overly optimistic.

This offseason promises to be one of the most exciting in recent memory as The Great Dayton puts his stamp upon the team. We wil be here to follow it--we'll talk about the moves--trades, FA signings, Rule V draft. We'll break down the minor leagues, rate our prospects, provide info on the draft--I hope we'll have some fun debates. I'm no expert--but I'm a passionate amateur. I hope this will become the place to come to for information on future Royals and I hope you'll join the discussion. Play Ball!


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