Monday, October 16, 2006

Third Base on the farm

I get to look at who we’ve got in the pipeline at third base.

Rick Bell and Mike Coolbaugh split time playing 3rd at Omaha. This is exactly the thing I hope Dayton Moore never uses AAA for—holding on to bad players with no upside.

High Desert:
Ed Lucas was an 8th round pick in 2004 from Dartmouth. As a 25 year old in High-A, he hit 281/349/409/ in the hitter friendly confines that are the California League (his OPS at home was 890). Not a prospect at this point—just organizational filler.

Mario Lisson is an interesting guy. I picked him for a breakout last season. But he repeated Burlington and had almost the exact same season
2005 OPS—794
2006 OPS---789
He also stole 41 out of 52 bases. He was 22 last season and Burlington is tough ballpark for hitters. Not a great prospect and life won’t get any easier playing at Wilmington next year. But he has some tool and is worth keeping tabs on.

Idaho Falls:
Luis Catillo had a great year in limited AB’s for the Chukars. He had a 1025 OPS. On the negative side, he will be 23 soon. Organizational player.

Surprise Royals:
Jason Taylor was our 2nd round pick in last year’s draft. Many thought he would be drafted in later rounds. But the reports are that the Royals loved his athleticism and his bat. Some observers have questioned how athletic Taylor really is. He certainly didn’t stand out in his pro-ball debut. His OPS was 699 in 151 ABs. He was ranked as the 9th best prospect in Baseball America’s Arizona League Prospect rankings.

Oh, I forgot one guy. Of course the only reason it doesn’t really matter what these guys did is because of the fact that the BA Minor League POY was down at Wichita. Alex Gordon is the best prospect in baseball. He hit 325/427/588 and stole 22 out of 25 bases for good measure. He played good, sometimes great defense. His numbers would have been even better had he not had a nagging injury for about 5 weeks in May/June. His post All-Star break numbers were sick as he hit: 346/448/658. Think Scott Rolen, thinkMark Texeira, think of the Royals having a franchise player. The time is quickly approaching where the Royals will have to decide what to do with Mark Teahen (all signs point to a move towards OF).



At 12:17 AM, Blogger SoonerRoyal said...

Good stuff Darren. Looks like we are pretty well set at third base with Gordon and Teahen, whomever the Royals choose to keep at third. So, our lack of quality depth shouldn't be an issue at third.

At 3:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ed Lucas worked out as a catcher in instructs this year


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