Friday, December 01, 2006

Winter Meetings Preview

Next week are the winter meetings. The Royals will, no doubt, try to pick up more pitchers. I had advocated looking at Adam Eaton and/or Randy Wolf. Both those guys are gone now. Guys like Padilla and Lilly are looking for 4 yr/$40 mil contracts. Gil Meche will get a little less than that. I am among many Royals fans who increasingly willing to have the Royals sit this one out when it comes to really expensive league average starters. Save the money for something else. The best route is to look for free agent bargains and trades. Of course, if the Royals spend big bucks on a starter, I'll probably talk myself into thinking its a good move.

Trading Chips (in order of how I value them): Esteban German, Emil Brown, Justin Huber, Joey Gathright, Reggie Sanders.

I don't want to trade German but I have a feeling he's on the block.

Bruce Chen--really like the idea of signing him to a 1-year/$4 mil deal with some incentives and perhaps an option for a second year.

Miguel Batista--he could be a bargain. But I've already read an article calling him a bargain, so he probably is now expensive. But if we could get him for 1 yr/$6 million with an vesting option I think he could be a guy that could pitch 200ip of 4.75 ERA.

Yusmeir Petit--Joey Gathright for Petit? Not great stuff, but good control. Marlins have pitching out their ears and he would be good to have start the year in Omaha.

Scott Baker--Maybe I'm obsessed with him , but I think he will bounce back and be a good pitcher. Would either Emil Brown or Justin Huber be enough to get it done.

I've also long advocated a new SS. And while I still would love that, if the Royals can't find someone that interests them, perhaps the best thing to do is hope that Berroa improves his fielding and can post a 675-700 OPS.

I think the Royals will have made a few moves a week from now. They might have even made some huge (by Royals standards) moves. It should be exciting and should give us our first offseason glimspe of how Dayton plans to build this team.


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