Friday, September 30, 2005

Gordon Signing and Other Notes

Gordon signing has brought some hope to an otherwise miserable season. Gordon instantly becomes a top prospect who could make an impact as soon as 2007. Like Butler, Gordon could be the type of talent the Royals haven't seen in sometime. Gordon also gives the Royals some roster flexibility. The Royals believe Gordon is athletic enough to play 3rd base, 1st base, corner outfield, or even 2nd base (don't buy that for a second though, as Teahan would be more likely to make that move). If Teahan continues to improve and become the Joe Randa or Joe Randa-plus type player he was projected to be, then Gordon will likely make a position change.

Let's say Teahan develops into a solid player and the Royals want to move Gordon. The most logical place seems like the corner outfield. All we've heard over the past year is how badly Baird wants a power-hitting corner outfielder. Well, looks like he found one. I don't understand Baird's fascination with the corner outfield position considering that:

1. The Royals' farm system has good depth at the corner outfield spots with a variety of talent (speedy/defensive types with Ambres and Maier or power hitters with Butler, Gordon, Lubanski). It makes little sense to trade away depth from other areas to add to an organizational strength.

2. The corner outfield free agent market stinks. Any team with a young power-hitting corner outfielder is going to ask for two of our young arms (Burgos, Sisco, Greinke, Bautista), which we can't afford to trade. The price will be very high this offseason. The Royals don't have enough depth anywhere to make a trade for a corner outfielder.

So, the best place for Gordon appears to be RF. Gordon has a strong arm and good speed. The Royals have a lot more prospects who will likely end up as left fielders, so making Gordon a right fielder seems like a perfect fit, assuming Teahan develops. Either way, it gives the Royals good roster flexibility.

Overall, the Royals should be able to put together a pretty good offense in the next couple years.

C Buck (hopefully 15 HRs, .250 avg with low OBP)
1B Huber/Sweeney (both .300, 20-30 HR hitters)
2B FA/mediocre prospect
SS Berroa (see Buck)
3B Teahan (if he pulls the ball more, 15-20 HR season with 30+ doubles could happen)
LF Butler (.300, 30+ HR potential)
CF DeJesus (good OBP, solid gap power)
RF Gordon (.300, 30+ HR potential)

I don't really see much need to add any additional offense. The Royals have some impact bats and depth to create at least an average offense.


At 4:25 PM, Blogger royalsbeliever said...

I heard from some articles that people think Gordon might be ML-ready by the All-Star break of 2006. Where do you think Emil Brown goes next season? Do we trade him?

At 11:24 AM, Blogger DL said...

I think Emil Brown will be the starting right fielder next season. He was perfectly adequate this season at the plate (though a horror in the field) and the Royals will be hard pressed to do any better through free agency, much less their own system. He is eligible for arbitration and will receive a fairly hefty pay raise, but he's earned it.

I'd prefer to see Gordon get at least one full season in the minor leagues before joining the majors to ensure that he's ready to contribute, like a David Wright. Enough with green rookies learning on the job. If he's truly ready by next season, so be it, but I wouldn't want the Royals to promote just for the sake of him promoting him.

Regardless, I think Emil Brown has a spot on the club next year.


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