Thursday, September 01, 2005

Vegas, Baby! Yeah!

I'm spending the last days of summer in Las Vegas -- with a toddler (party!) -- so The Weatherman is flying solo on the Daily Lancer for a few days. As miffed as I am that I'm going to miss this weekend's gripping series against the Rangers, I think spending some quality time in the desert will do me some good.

Anyone want me to bet on the Royals while I'm there? I subtract a 10% convenience charge.

And I'd like to add this plea - if you can spare a few (or more than a few) bucks to send to the Red Cross or your favored relief organization to help with the relief effort in New Orleans, please do. This is the worst devastation I've seen on U.S. soil in my lifetime, and they're going to need all the resources they can get. I'm still in shock at what's happening there.

Have a fantastic Labor Day weekend.


At 11:06 PM, Blogger Spiral Stairs said...

I happened to be in Vegas when the Royals were on the verge of losing their 20th in a row. I threw $50 down on them that Saturday night, figuring they had to win eventually -- why not against Barry Zito? My $50 turned into $210.

At 1:42 AM, Blogger SoonerRoyal said...

Enjoy your trip to Vegas! It'd be safe to bet against the Royals this weekend with the Rangers' top offense coming to town and the Royals' bad rotation.

I second your plea. There may have be thousands of deaths and millions of people have been displaced. With advanced warning, hurricane fatalities usually don't exceed 100 each year, so this event is completely unprecedented in modern times. This was one of the strongest hurricanes in modern history striking the most vulnerable area in the Gulf.

As a public service annoucement, if you live near the coast and you are asked to evacuate, PLEASE do so. Perhaps thousands of deaths could have been saved if only people had evacuated or moved further to designated shelters. Anyways, enough of that depressing topic. Hopefully, with the help of people around the world, these people can start recovering.


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