Sunday, July 02, 2006

Royals Set to Sweep the Cards

The Royals will have a chance to sweep the Cardinals today in St. Louis. The Royals won 8-7 yesterday in 11 innings, even after blowing a 6-run lead. The Royals had 3 outstanding offensive performances yesterday. David DeJesus had a 4-hit game, scoring 3 runs. DeJesus leaped over the catcher and nearly scored on a play he should have been out by a mile. Mark Teahen hit his 6th homerun of the year, a nice blast to RF. Teahen has been pulling the ball a lot more and it's starting to show with improved power. DeJesus and Teahen's return to the club have played a major role in the Royals' recent success.

The Royals' piecemeal bullpen managed to keep the Royals in the game yesterday, in spite of two blown saves by Burgos and Peralta. Wellemeyer and Hudson worked around trouble to keep the Cardinals from scoring. The Royals will send Mike Wood to the hill today. Mike Wood has been alright as a starter. In his 5 starts in June, he has a 4.56 ERA with a solid 11/3 K/BB ratio.

The Teahen/Gordon Debate: Teahen is finally starting to look like a legit major league third basemen. He's a solid defender at third and is starting to show some power. Teahen is basically the second-coming of Joe Randa, as most scouts projected him to be. He might have a few 20+ homerun seasons since he is much stronger than Randa, but he looks like a 15-20 HR guy. Gordon, however, projects to be as good or better than Teahen in every aspect. Gordon has superior hitting ability, most likely better speed, and should be at least as good a defender as Teahen. So, I think Teahen is the obvious choice to move to a different position. I don't think you take a chance by moving your prized prospect from his natural position.

This decision probably won't have to be made until next year at the earliest. There will be plenty of time to see how improved Teahen is and maybe showcase him for a trade. Moving him off 3rd certainly decreases his value, but I'd much rather decrease Teahen's value than Gordon's. What do you think?


At 12:54 PM, Anonymous PJ said...

i hear a lot about toying w moving teahen to 2nd. But havent seen any serious discussion about whether he has the range to handle it. If he did, i think that would be the way to go.

A lineup (obv. not batting order) of:

C - Buck
1B- Huber
2B - Teahen
SS - Anyone but Berroa
3B - Gordon
LF - Butler
CF - DeJesus/Gathright
RF - Maier/Lubanski

would be pretty damn good by 2008/9 i'd think.

At 9:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Butler=DH, Gath in Center and David in Left.

At 11:44 AM, Blogger SoonerRoyal said...

I'm not sure Teahen would have the range or the footwork to play 2nd, but it might be something he could learn. I think his range would probably be below-average, but probably serviceable. He would have a plus-plus arm at 2nd, not that it really matters there. If he could play 2nd, then that would strengthen the Royals' lineup a lot since he would be an above-average hitter at 2nd.


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