Saturday, August 05, 2006

Prospect List Update (16-25)

16. Blake Johnson 21/RHP:

Johnson has pretty average stuff with some potential for improvement. His best asset is his command, averaging just 1.5 walks per 9 innings. Combined with a respectable strikeout rate and pretty low HR allowed rate, his defense-independent stats are very good. Right now, he projects as a back rotation guy, but that could change if his velocity improves.

High A 4-5 4.92 ERA 106 IP 121 Hits 11 HRs 19 BBs 73 SOs
High A 1-0 1.50 ERA 6 IP 7 Hits 0 HRs 0 BBs 7 SOs

17. Ryan Braun 26/RHP

Braun has had a very good recovery from his injury last season. He has a great fastball that can reach 98 mph and a solid slider to complement it. Braun is pretty old for a prospect, but he was injured last season and was drafted as a college senior. So, he's moved fairly quickly. He projects as a solid setup man if he can command his stuff well.

AA 1-6 2.21 ERA 40.2 IP 10 Saves 30 Hits 2 HRs 16 BBs 58 SOs
AAA 0-1 9.2 IP 2 Saves 12 Hits 0 HRs 3 BBs 10 SOs

18. Matt Kniginyzky 23/RHP:

The Canadian righty has made a very good transition from relieving to starting. His fastball sits in the low 90s and can reach 94 mph. He also has a good curveball and a developing changeup.

Low A 8-3 3.22 ERA 109 IP 100 Hits 11 HRs 31 BBs 89 SOs

19. Carlos Rosa 21/RHP:

Rosa has had a very good comeback season, performing very well at Burlington. His fastball was reaching 94 mph and his velocity is reportedly back. He has a good curve and change, so he has the repertoire for starting.

Low A 7-6 2.54 ERA 120.2 IP 101 Hits 4 HRs 48 BBs 86 SOs

20. Angel Sanchez 22/SS:

Many Royals fans hope that Sanchez will eventually unseat Berroa. However, that probably won't be until Berroa's contract ends. Sanchez's defense still needs a lot of work and he hasn't shown much power yet. Nonetheless, his plate discipline is much better than Berroa's, so there is some hope for him.

AA 419 ABs .284/.343/.363 19 2Bs 4 HRs 43 RBIs 34 BBs 50 SOs

21. Julio Pimentel 20/RHP

Pimentel struggled at the Dodger's high A club. He's lack of command and hittability has led to a WHIP of 1.76. Pimentel has a live arm with a mid-90s fastball. The rest of his repertoire is pretty unpolished still, but he has the potential for two or three plus pitches. He projects as a solid reliever unless his secondary stuff improves.

High A 3-8 5.69 ERA 74.1 IP 85 Hits 4 HRs 45 BBs 77 SOs

22. Danny Christensen 22/LHP

Christensen has had a great comeback from his injury two seasons ago. He has a very good K/BB ratio. He's given up a lot of hits and home runs, but that may be High Desert related. He has an outstanding curveball, so at the very least he should be a good lefty setup man.

High A 2-6 5.50 ERA 124.1 IP 143 Hits 19 HRs 41 BBs 124 SOs

23. Joseph Dickerson 19/CF:

Dickerson has made a successful transition to advanced Rookie Ball and has started to show some power of late. He's shown good contact skills during his first two professional seasons and he's best known for his defensive abilities.

Pio 123 ABs .341/.383/.585 9 2Bs 5 HRs 21 RBIs 7 BBs 21 SOs

24. Chris McConnell 20/SS:

His offensive struggles at Burlington sent him back to the pioneer league, but it hasn't helped him much. McConnell still has some projectable skills, even though his development hasn't been as fast as expected.

Pio 61 ABs .279/.333/.361 1 2B 0 HRs 11 RBIs 4 BBs 13 SOs
Low A 239 ABs .172/.254/.201 4 2Bs 1 HR 19 RBIs 17 BBs 47 SOs

25. Jason Godin 21/RHP:

The Royals' fifth-round pick has had a good debut in the Pioneer League. He's shown good command and the ability to rack up strikeouts, something he did in college as well as Justin Verlander, the Tigers' new ace.

Pio 0-0 2.70 ERA 16.2 IP 19 Hits 2 HRs 4 BBs 15 SOs


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