Friday, May 07, 2004

OK, I planned on giving it a rest for a while, but I just can't help myself.

I clicked on Yahoo Sports to see the score of the game, and I see that its 6-6, bottom 9. I KNEW they had blown the lead. I just KNEW it. I didn't even have to look. But there it was: 6-2 lead going into the 8th, and blammo.

(Update: Royals lose!) I can't believe how monumentally bad this team is. This loss is about as bad as it gets. I'm simply at a loss for words right now to describe the depths to which the Royals have fallen.

I guess this is other side of karma. Remember the ridiculous highs from last years start - the dramatic comebacks, the fantastic April pitching, the 17-4 start? The absolute opposite this year. So many TERRIBLE losses, demoralizing starting pitching, always playing from behind, blown saves, horrible defense, untimely hitting.

Two Points:

-- At the risk of pointing out the obvious, Mike MacDougal has no business pitching in the major leagues right now. If you can't throw strikes, then what's the point? He should be demoted immediately.

-- What the hell is Tony Pena doing allowing Jeremy Affeldt to start the 8th inning? He battled all night, pitched seven solid, and was already well over 100 pitches. Affeldt has no business pitching past 7 innings. That's about as stupid as it gets for a manager. Does this franchise deliberately try to ruin arms? 122 pitches and he wasn't even very effective! That's why you have a veteran bullpen!


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