Thursday, July 08, 2004

There's nothing really to say about the Royals right now. The organization is doing exactly what they said they'd do: throw in the towel for this seaso and begin to evaluate their talent at the major league level. Of course, attendance and TV ratings will suffer, but probably not much more so than they would have if they trotted out their bunch of slow, old vets. Its fantastic that they're trying to see if any of these young or former highly-touted players (Ruben Mateo) will be any good. Yeah, its a bit embarrassing to see the Royals play so poorly, but I think in the end they're doing the right thing. I think the Royals can answer some important questions over the next three months by doing exactly what they're doing:

-- Can David DeJesus be their regular center fielder?
-- Will Dee Brown take advantage of what is probably his last shot to be a corner outfielder on the Royals (or in the league)?
-- How developed are John Buck and Mike Wood? Will they be able to contribute next year?
-- Can Zack Greinke pitch? (Oh, wait -- the answer is YES)
-- Are Jaime Cerda and Nate Field going to be cheap, reliable pitchers in the bullpen for the next couple of years? (looks good so far)

What else can you say? You can't accuse the Royals of blocking young players from getting experience, because practically every veteran on this team is injured anyway.

If they're lucky, they'll get the #1 pick in the draft next year and finally get someone who is "can't miss".


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