Monday, January 10, 2005

Football note - in the aftermath of the Jets-Chargers game, I couldn't help but think that Marty Schottenheimer cost the Chargers the game. The play calling in the final series of downs before the missed field goal was classic Marty. They move the ball down the field with ease to set up a 1st and 10 at the 22. Then...

1st down: LT up the middle
2nd down: LT up the middle
3rd down: Lt up the middle
Net gain: 0 yards.

Kaeding should have made the field goal. Any NFL kicker, even a rookie, should make that kick. And opening up thee offense for that series of downs doesn't guarantee that the Chargers will improve their field position. What I do know is that Marty, with 100% certainty, condemned himself to trying a 40 yarder because he's too damn scared of something bad happening in critical situations. That was his calling card in Kansas City, and nothing has changed. In big moments, he coaches not to lose, which, of course, he does.


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