Sunday, March 13, 2005

First Base Battle

Things aren't looking very good on first base these days.

Sweeney is already injured, and despite his and every other Royal mouthpiece's protestations to the contrary, this is something to worry about. He simply does not deserve the benefit of the doubt, and his decision to hide the injury for a few days to avoid looking injury-prone (you've missed that bus already, Mike) makes it all the worse.

Pickering vs. Harvey, the epic battle of low-end first basemen, is shaping up to be a stinker. Harvey missed a few games with an injury, and has displayed no power in his at-bats. Pickering has done rapidly downhill since his 3-run HR/single early in camp, culminating in yesterday's Golden Sombrero.

Justin Huber is not being given serious consideration for the job, as he only has seven ABs. That's the best thing to happen thus far - don't rush Huber, our best first base prospect close to the majors.

As it stands right now, Pickering would end up in AAA to start the season. I think he needed to distinguish himself to Pena and Baird, and he has not done so. Harvey hasn't done anything to merit making the team, either, but there are advantages of incumbency, even if they are nonsense.


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