Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Chiefs A Passing Team?

The Chiefs have been treading lightly in the free agency market thus far, passing on at least two players they've given serious consideration - Samari Rolle and Jeremiah Trotter. Jason Whitlock, whom I enjoy reading when he's not writing about himself, has posted the latest in a good series of critical articles about the Chiefs' timid posture in free agency.

The Chiefs were apparently on the verge of signing Rolle, but supposedly backed off because of a "spinal condition". Kendrell Bell has made it clear that his preference is to sign with the Chiefs, but only if the team ponies up the dollars he feels he's worth.

I think the only spinal condition of concern here is the team's lack of one, which they demonstrate by hiding behind "health concerns" as a reason to avoid shelling out the money it takes to secure top flight defensive talent. Rolle, Bell and Ty Law are all injury risks, no question. But when they're right, they're all excellent football players that can improve a defense instantly. If the Chiefs don't take a chance on these guys, some other team will.


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