Friday, February 25, 2005

Matt Diaz

Kevin is understandably excited that the Royals' most recent moves correlates with his earlier suggestion to do so. I agree that its abundantly clear that Diaz should be given every opportunity to displace Abraham "Its My Inalienable Right to Hit .205 as a Switch Hitter" Nunez, who might want to purchase a new set of luggage right about now.

Diaz, unfortunately, has the discipline of an army interrogator at Abu Ghraib, which makes me worry if his minor league success will translate to the big leagues (are you listening, Ken Harvey)? But I'm 90% confident he'll be an offensive upgrade from the below-replacement level Nunez. I don't know anything about his defensive prowess, however, which in newly cavernous Kauffman Stadium should be a factor in the Royals' decision making.


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