Friday, February 25, 2005

Chiefs' Chance

Well, the Pats have released Ty Law. Didn't think it was actually going to happen, but it did.

How can the Chiefs not step up and sign him? Their window of opportunity is closing. The offense is still very impressive but getting old. Their biggest defensive weakness, among many, is their cornerback play. Law is somewhat risky at 31 coming off an injury, but he's just one season removed from being the best cover corner in the league.

The Chiefs MUST add Law, and perhaps Samari (which I believe means "wife beater" in some unidentified foreign langauge) Rolle. Along with Warfield, that would make a potent cornerback combination and instantly make the Chiefs contenders next season.

Carl, go out with a bang.

UPDATE (2/28/05): This little snippet of rumor from's Don Banks:

The Raiders suspect Woodson and his agent Carl Poston made the decision to
sign the franchise tender in an attempt to force a trade. And the team they
believe Woodson has a tentative deal with and is hopeful of being sent to? AFC
West rival Kansas City, which is desperate to acquire a shut-down cornerback at
some point this offseason.

I'd be fine with Woodson, too, if he's truly available. I don't think he's quite lived up to his billing as a true shutdown corner, but he's very good nonetheless, and massive upgrade over anything the Chiefs have right now. It also does sound like Law's injury is more serious than I thought, which obviously makes him a more suspect signing. There seems to be an abundance of solid cornerbacks on the market now (Law, Rolle, Woodson?, Surtain), which plays right into the Chiefs' needs.

Now, what about linebacker....


At 6:04 PM, Blogger john said...

I a;so believe that the Chiefs should sign Ty Law. Even with two bum ankles I think he is a better corner than Warfield. The Chiefs also need to look for a safety and linebacker in free agency. There are many who think that the Chiefs need to look to fill some of these holes in the draft but with there track record over the last ten years I don't think that's a good idea. Also Chief's fans need nit worry about Randy Moss signing with Oakland because even with moss they will still stink. Look what happened when Denver Traded for Bailey, It sure didn't help them beat Indy.


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