Monday, March 28, 2005

A Rumor Leading to Nowhere

The Ken Harvey Rumor Mill is in full swing.

By way of 810 WHB radio, the fine fellers over on the Royals board are saying that AB was on the radio today and apparently he said Ken Harvey will be sent down to AAA. Bruce over at the Royal Fan Zone must have read or heard the same thing. Bruce also said that Nunez would not make the team (though I suspect he wouldn't have any trouble clearing waivers should the Royals want to send him to AAA.)

I've been listening to the WHB stream, but I haven't heard a thing about the report, nor have they archived the interview on their website. If this were news on WFAN, it would've been archived immediately and they'd be reporting it every 20 minutes (and the host would be screaming about it), but I s'pose things just move slower back there in Missouri.

Anyway, a poster on the Royals board claims to have listened to the interview, and AB didn't apparently didn't say either way if Harvey or Pick has made the team.

We're right back where we started. You've gained zero knowledge from reading this post. My sincerest apologies.


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