Tuesday, June 07, 2005

End of Days

Well, this is D-Day for the Royals, as far as I'm concerned. At around 1 pm EST, they're going to demonstrate to the Royal fan base one of two things:

1) They're willing to make real investments in highly talented players in situations where it makes sense for them do so;

2) They're simply a losing organization that doesn't have an interest in putting a winning product on the field.

No one truly knows if Alex Gordon is going to be major league star, regular, or bust. I think he and Justin Upton are both 1a talents, both worthy of the #1 overall pick in any other draft. And #1 overall picks are by far the most valuable commodities in the amateur draft.

All signs point to Gordon being at least a solid major league regular, but Gordon's future performance is not really the point today. Today, the act of selecting him is paramount to the credibility of the franchise. It'll be very, very hard to take this team seriously if they don't draft him.


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