Friday, June 03, 2005


Brief post late in the day.

Amazing sweep of the Yanks. I'll bet the odds in Vegas against that happening were at least 100-1. The thing I noticed about the Royals this series was that they weren't killing themselves with stupid mistakes and lazy play. I saw them cutting off the ball in the outfield (preventing singles from turning into doubles), hitting the cutoff man with strong, accurate throws, avoiding costly errors, running the bases well (mostly), etc. It wasn't like they overwhelmed the Yanks with a barrage of hitting or dominating pitching. They pitched and hit just well enough to give themselves a chance to win, and didn't mess it up by making the costly error late in the game. We haven't seen that all season.

Ambiorix Burgos has an amazing arm, but he just doesn't know how to handle himself on the mound yet. His command is extremely spotty, and I was certain he was going to blow that game last night. I give him credit for bouncing back against Sierra and throw strikes to incude Sierra into an easy ground out, but I think I feel more nervous with him on the mound than MacDougal, if that's possible. I dearly hope the Royals send him back to AA once Affeldt returns from the DL.

The draft is next Tuesday. The buzz and momentum is building towards Alex Gordon. Let us all hope the Glass family doesn't get last minute shivers this weekend and kill that buzz.

Go team.


At 10:19 PM, Blogger Daniel said...

Hey, why DO you have that pic of Lima on the side of your blog?

I'm assuming it's some form of sarcasm, but I felt like I had to ask.

At 2:14 AM, Blogger Kevin said...

You guys wanna see something somewhat funny?


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