Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Sizing Up our Foes

The Zack Greinke Rehabilitation Project resumes tonight on the road against the Indians. This is a tough test, because at this moment the Indians are a rising force in the AL Central. I don't think you can ever predict what a team's going to look like 3 years from now, simply because some players don't develop the way you expect, others are injured, and some players emerge from nowhere (but not for the Royals, of course). That said, the Indians are loaded with solid young players who are already contributing on the major league level.

Jhonny Peralta - .299/.349/.529 from the shortstop position, and only 23. This kid has the kind of plate discipline and power Old Man Berroa can only imagine.

Grady Sizemore - .282/.332/.458 He's taken a bit of a dive in July, but overall he's putting together a solid rookie season at the ripe age of 22. He doesn't have the same plate discipline as DeJesus, but he has more power potential and he's still nearly as productive, but 3 years younger. I like DeJesus, but I don't think he has the upside of Sizemore.

Victor Martinez - .246/.332/.386 Martinez has struggled with the bat in the second full season, but you have to love his approach at the plate (35BB, 36K). Not as young as the others (26) but still should be a very productive catcher for the next 5 years. John Buck, on the other hand, is a "good defensive catcher", which is an unflattering euphemism.

Travis Hafner - .310/.416/.578 Currently on the shelf with a woozy noggin, he's Mike Sweeney's from 5 years ago. His plate discipline has improved every year, and I don't think he's peaked. Is Justin Huber up to the challenge? Mike Sweeney isn't.

-- My favorite trade proposal: Jeremy Affeldt and Mike Sweeney to the Mets in exchange for Yusimero Petit, Victor Diaz and some other guy. Mets fill their two biggest needs - 1B and bullpen - and even if they don't compete this year, they'll have both Sweeney and Affeldt through 2007. Royals get a great pitching prospect, a 23 year old corner outfielder who can play right away, and some other guy.


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