Friday, October 14, 2005

The Baird Trades

The Baird Era has certainly been a miserable one. We've seen 3 very good outfielders leave and the Royals have gotten pretty much nothing in return. What began as a productive core of offensive players built around Beltran, Damon, Dye has eroded into the woeful offense.

Johnny Damon trade: The Royals traded Johnny Damon and Mark Ellis for Roberto Hernandez, AJ Hinch, and Angel Berroa. Hernandez was a 36-year-old closer and ineffective and very expensive. The Royals would have fared better in free agency. AJ Hinch was bad. Angel Berroa had a nice rookie year, but is a below-average shortstop. The Royals traded away Ellis, who has become a solid second basemen posting a .861 OPS this season. Ellis has very good range at 2nd and only made 6 errors. With Ellis at 2nd and Blanco at short, the Royals would have great middle infield defense. Instead, we have the Royals' silly management making Blanco into a second basemen and an absent-minded, free-swing shortstop. Grade: F

Jermaine Dye trade: I don't think this needs any explanation. Grade: F

Carlos Beltran Trade: The Royals traded Beltran for Teahan, Buck, and Wood. All 3 appear to be becoming solid players for the Royals. The Royals filled needs at 3rd base and catcher, but may have limited what they received in return by doing so. So far, this deal looks alright, as the Royals got 3 prospects and it appears all 3 have panned out. Grade: B-

So, which would you rather have? Mark Ellis and 6 first-round draft picks or Berroa, Buck, Teahan, Wood, and some other junk.

Other small deals:


1. Graffanino for Ambres and Cedeno: While the value of Ambres and Cedeno remains to be foreseen, they seem like decent prospects in return for a utility infielder. However, after trading Graffanino, the Royals have rushed Blanco and Murphy to the big leagues. Grade: B-

2. Santiago for Nunez: Nunez had a pretty bad ERA, but he shouldn't have been in the big leagues this year. He has good stuff and could become a good setup man.
Grade: A

3. Marrero for Vasquez: Marrero was a waste of $2-3 million
Grade: F

4. Long for May: Terrence Long wasn't very good and he kept Ambres and Diaz out of the lineup after winning Bell's affecton. Grade: D

Baird's small deals have been a mixed bag. The Huber, Bautista, and Nunez deals were excellent steals. But, he's also traded away Rudy Seanez for Abraham Nunez, he traded for Graeme Lloyd, and traded Marrero to add $3 million in dead weight. Overall, he could have been more cost-conscious in his small deals, but he's gotten some good prospects in return.


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