Wednesday, October 26, 2005

An Insider's Perspective on Bobby Madritsch

Here's an email I received from a close friend of recent Royals pickup Bobby Madritsch (posted by permission):

Bobby and I are very close, it is a friendship that started when my brother
was his catcher in Winnipeg and then he became my roommate in Midland, TX the
next year after he played in San Antonio, and now we see each other anytime the
chance arrises. To make a long story short, not many people know B-Mad like me
and I can say this thing is for sure, If anyone can come back from another tear
in their labrum it is going to be Bob. Like he said in a previous interview, he
will do whatever it takes to get back to the top of his game because he
literally almost has nothing else to live for. I mean I have spent hours on the
phone with him in the past couple of months and he is as determined as ever (and
that is pretty determined considering what he has already done) to get back and
prove he belongs up with the best in the league, because as everyone has seen
when he is healthy he is legit. I know this is for sure and you can mark it on
your calendars KC, Bobby will have another tat by the time you see him in the
spring and it may just be all the motivation he needs to be back in the leagues
dominating like he can.

Thanks to this person for sending this personal and compelling message about Bobby.

Who knows what will happen in the end with Bobby Madritsch, but it sure sounds like he'll do whatever it takes to become an effective major league pitcher, and I'm glad he's on the Royals roster. If nothing else, maybe he can teach a thing or two about heart and desire to "What, Me Worry?" Zack Greinke.


At 5:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Or maybe Zach can teach B-Mad a thing or two about how to stay healthy, in an organization which absolutely cannot accomplish that for its young starting pitchers.


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