Thursday, December 01, 2005

Free Agent Update

In the latest Kansas City Star Article, Baird suggests that the Royals are still after Paul Byrd. Baird says that the Royals will have to give Byrd a similar contract to what Loaiza got earlier this week. The Royals are also interested in Matt Morris, Kenny Rogers, Joe Mays, Scott Elarton, and Shawn Estes, but have no interest in Javier Vazquez. The Royals need to add at least one reliable veteran starter and probably another starter as well.

The Royals have apparently made an offer to Jacque Jones, believed to be a 2-year deal. It looks like it will take a 3 or 4 year deal, however, to sign him. That really doesn't fit the Royals' plans, as they have several OF prospects near the majors. The Royals have also made a offer to Reggie Sanders, a two-year deal as well. The Royals are also considering Jeromy Burnitz, Preston Wilson, and Juan Encarnacion. I'd like the Royals to sign two power-hitting corner outfielders that improve the OF defense and at least one reliable starter. That should be doable given the Royals' $25 million budget.

The Royals' best bet may be to sign a couple corner outfielders who can improve the team's outfield defense and solidify the middle of the lineup. Burnitz, Sanders, or Wilson will not require long-term deals. If the Royals load money on the first year, they will have enough money to add a couple good starters from next year's free agent crop, which is MUCH deeper than this year's.


At 6:18 PM, Anonymous FuriousB said...

I would say Burnitz would be the best bet for a player to improve the OF defense of the club. He would also be able to play RF for us which could allow to move Brown or Guiel or Player not yet known to LF. Is Jacque Jones really an improvement over what we have if we are able to sign either Burnitz or Sanders?


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