Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Delgado to the Marlins. I think this hurts the Mets quite a bit. Not only are they failing to gain a ton of production from the 1st base position, Delgado now improves a division competitor dramatically. I felt if the Mets signed Delgado, they would have a pretty good chance to make it to the World Series in a wide open NL. Now that seems less certain.

Apparently, the Mets wouldn't go higher than $51 million, and Delgado signed for $52 million (but I'm sure it was all about the right "fit" for Delgado). Its very unusual to see a team like the Marlins outbidding the Mets for a player that they wanted badly. I think this was a case where the Mets simply needed to do whatever it took to get him, and they didn't.


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