Sunday, January 23, 2005

NFL Championship Weekend Edition

I see Bill Simmons has borrowed my Herman Edwards-Marty Schottenheimer long-lost-relative thesis. I won't cry plagiarism for now, as long he's not one of the 77 people to visit my website (20 of which are me).

Anyway, my picks:

PATS (-3) over Steelers. The road points are justified. These are very similar teams - punishing, physical defense with solid ground games. After watching Big Ben spill milk all over his shirt several times against the Jets, I can't possibly imagine he'll fare better than Tom Brady. Pats 21, Steelers 17.

EAGLES (-5) over Falcons. I have one reason to think the Eagles will roll in this game. I've seen the Falcons in one game this season, when they were turned into eunichs by the Chiefs, 56-0. Let's review:

-- 56 points given up by what was, at the time, the #1 defense in the NFL. The Chiefs just pushed 'em around.
-- 0 points against the worst defensive squad in recent memory. ZERO.

Y'think the Eagles have studied that game the most this week?

Eagles 34, Falcons 17


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