Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Listening to WFAN today, it sounds like the New York media covered Randy Johnson more than Carlos Beltran today.

Joe Posnanski wrote a backhanded and slightly damning article today about Carlos Beltran. The subtext is that Beltran is single-minded and probably should have shown more loyalty to the Royals, who groomed him and helped pave the way for his eventual success. But the Royals probably had their chance to sign him to an extension 3 years ago, but they failed to act, just as they failed to act with Johnny Damon and Jermaine Dye. They finally acted with Mike Sweeney, but grossly overpaid for way too long in the face of a fan base revolt.

If the Royals were a well-run, respected baseball organization that had any recent history of success, perhaps I could think of Beltran as a mercenary.

But that ain't the Royals. I can't see how any player who achieves any success in Kansas City could even consider remaining loyal to this team. The Royals are such a poorly run, demoralizing organization that its very hard to become emotionally invested in them, because each year you end up feeling defeated.


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