Monday, February 07, 2005

Lots of angry degenerate gamblers. Stupid Greg Lewis. They were gonnna lose ANYWAY. (Not me, of course)

Patriots 24, Eagles 21.

From the 1st quarter, I was worried about whether the Eagles could win this game. Their linebackers came out with loads of intensity, but the Patriots were establishing their control of the line of scrimmage. On the other side of the ball, the Eagles O-line was having all kinds of trouble handling the front 3 of the Pats and were not picking up blitzes very wella. McNabb was under constant pressure and their line couldn't generate any kind of running game. The Eagles defense played with a lot of heart, and their linebackers and DBs were ferocious, but I saw them wearing down during the last drive of the 1st half. Sure enough, the Pats took control in the 2nd half and began moving the ball much more easily.

Lots of Eagles fans are going to blame McNabb for this loss, but its unfair criticism. I think just the opposite; his athletic ability and game smarts kept them in the game when he was getting no help from his offensive line or running game. His ability to move around in the pocket and escape pressure is really amazing. A quarterback like Tom Brady, as great as he is, wouldn't fare nearly as well under constant pressure and with no running game.

McNabb's problem is that he's just not a consistently accurate passer and it hurts him against a talented, disciplined defense. He throws way too many passes high and behind his receivers. The interception that was called back was a poor decision, but the two interceptions that counted were basically poorly thrown balls (the final interception was a desparation heave, so I don't count that one). The Eagles' receivers also covered for him by making several fantastic catches on poorly thrown balls.

McNabb's TD passes were amazing, though, and there aren't many quarterbacks who could have made those throws. If he can ever learn to be more consistent with accuracy and stop missing his receivers in places that lead to interceptions, he'll be unstoppable.

As it stands, though, he's not quite good enough, and the Pats were in control of this game the entire 2nd half.


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