Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Latest Spring Training Roster Moves

The Royals made another round of roster moves yesterday, reassigning 10 players throughout their minor league system. As has been noted elsewhere, the most surprising cut in this round is Byron Embry, who was making a strong case to go north with the team. But as the Star points out, he'll probably be on the team sometime this season.

New slogan: "Royals 2005 - full season tryouts."

Emil Brown Update

The Star is counting Emil Brown as a candidate to make the club given his impressive spring training performance. I could not disagree more. The terms "small sample size" and "youth movement" should be enough to convince Royals' brass of the right thing to do. Brown, at age 31 and having sniffed zero success at the major league level, doesn't have any business making this ballclub.

That being said, I hope that his strong performance contrasted with Abraham Nunez's putrid performance convinces the team that Nunez should be given his walking papers to make room for Matt Diaz. Aaron Guiel would still be preferable to Nunez, but I think he's too old (at 32) to be on this club. Diaz (like Pickering) has a chance to be a good player, even if he's not a solid gold given, and at least he's not on the wrong side of 30. AB, make it so.


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