Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Roster Update - Honest

As I listen to 810 WHB, they're reporting the final 25-man roster:

Pitchers (12)
Starters: Hernandez, Greinke, Lima, Anderson and Bautista
Bullpen: Camp, Field, Affeldt, Wood, MacDougal, Cerda and Sisco

Batters (13)
1B/DH: Sweeney and Pickering
2B: Gotay
SS: Berroa
3B: Teahen
Util: Graffanino
C: Buck, Castillo
OF: Stairs, Marrero, Long, DeJesus and Brown

-- Snyder sent to AAA to work as a reliever
-- Guiel sent to AAA; Royals retain rights through June 1
-- Abraham Nunez will stay in camp and the team will try clear him through waivers
-- Harvey optioned to AAA
-- Don't know about Tankersley; probably the same situation as Nunez


At 11:36 PM, Blogger Daniel said...

Send Bautista back down for a bit to make sure his control is decent, put Wood in his place in the rotation, put Snyder in Wood's place in the 'pen, and the pitchers are good...actually, putting Tankersley in the place of...say, Camp or Field, so they don't have to pass him through waivers...yep, that'd be my perfect world. But I'm not going to whine too much, as it isn't much different than what I expected.

Pick staying is a mild and pleasant surprise, as is the reason Baird gave as to why the Big Contact is getting sent down -- man, from All-Star one year to not even breaking north with the big club the next -- it's gotta suck like a 10 year old at a lollipop convention, but tough cookies. Harv had better bear down and learn to hit like his size and position dictate he should.

Gotay starting is good, of course -- let's check this guy out now and see what we've got. Same with Brown, although he's auditioning for the Official 4th outfielder job for next year.


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