Friday, April 22, 2005

Latest Royal Wallow at BP

Baseball Prospectus has posted its latest Triple Play on the Royals, musing about the futures of Tony Pena and Allard Baird (haven't I read some brilliant guy writing about this very subject lately?) and the trade value of Mike Sweeney.

Keep it up, Mike. No offense, but getting rid of you and your $11 million, 30% of payroll salary is priority #1 here at the Daily Lancer.

Weekend Bonanza

Chicago heads into town tonight sporting the best record in the American League. Their run differential tells a different story, however. They aren't that great. I'm feeling optimistic!

Number of weekend wins: 2
Quality starts: Greinke, Bautista
Blown saves: 1
Errors: 5


At 7:23 PM, Anonymous Kevin said...

Why trade Sweeney when you have no assurances they will spend the extra money? They didn't spend the Beltran money...What makes you so sure they'll go on a spending spree? What in the Royals' history suggests they will take that money and make the team better, which is a delicate prosposition because someone would have to produce the way Sweeney does...

At 9:52 PM, Blogger DL said...

He's an injury-prone, 1-tool player on the wrong side of 30, and despite his hot start this season, he's a player in decline. There are no guarantees that the Royals will spend the freed up money wisely, and given AB's free agent acquisition record you have reason to be concerned. But I'd still rather the Royals have payroll flexibility than be responsible for Sweeney's bloated contract for the next 3 years.

I certainly don't want the team to be on the hook for Mike Sweeney's $11 million in 2007, when it WOULD interfere with player acquisitions around the time this team might be ready to compete - if the young players develop.

Sorry about Pickering. At least Matt Diaz is here now.

At 11:38 PM, Anonymous Kevin said...

Name one player the Royals couldn't have signed in the offsesaon even with Sweeney's contract?

Answer no one.

Sweeney's contract isn't the problem. He's the only major-league hitter on their roster.

The Royals still have a ton of payroll flexibility with Sweeney's salary.

How much do you think the Royals would have to pay to get Sweeney's productivity?


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