Thursday, April 21, 2005


My fatalism, as usual, is misplaced - mostly.

1 - Mike Wood shut down the Twins for three innings.
2 - The Royals came back against the Twins' middle relief.
3 - Calvin Pickering has drawn two walks after this two strikeouts, one of which preceded Emil "First Swing" Brown's game-tying home run.

But Tony "I Need a Hero!" Pena is doing his best to lose this game. First he needlessly risks a suicide squeeze, which ends poorly after Graffanino fails to bunt. Second, and more infuriating, he sacrifice bunts 1st and 2nd nobody out with Emil Brown. Jesse Crain just walked Calvin Pickering on 4 pitches, and Tony gave a free out to a struggling pitcher by sacrificing a guy who hit a home run in his last at-bat. It didn't work, which is beside the point, as Buck was thrown out at home. Now Rincon is in, effectively killing the Royals' chances.

Can DD salvage the rally....?



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