Thursday, April 14, 2005

Wet Blanket Reigns

Wow, this game got out of hand in a hurry. Looks like Denny Bautista's reign as Flavor of the Week lasted, in fact, for only a week:

D. Bautista 3.1 IP, 3H, 6ER, 3BB, 1K, 78 pitches.

Listen closely...and you'll hear the tiny-pitter-patter of fantasy baseball players clicking furiously on the "drop" link next to Denny Bautista's name.

Mike Wood in to try to salvage the inning with just a 2-run deficit...and he promptly serves up a bases-clearing double. Whatever happened to that lovely man who pitched so well in spring training?

I've braced for this: 8 innings of masterful, shutout ball one game, followed by 3 innings of out-of-control recklessness that would make even Lindsay Lohan blush. But it ain't fun to watch.


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