Thursday, April 14, 2005

Its a No-Frills Operation in KC

I found this story quite hilarious:

Outfielder Emil Brown is lodging at Zack Greinke's new condo on the Plaza while he waits for his own place to become available later in the month.

“My place wouldn't be ready until the 22nd,” Brown said, “so Greinke told me I could just crash at his place.”

Nice gesture. But Greinke just closed on the place. Amenities are pending.

“There's no furniture in it or anything like that,” Brown said. “He's got a bed, and I'll buy a futon or something.”

Brown spent Tuesday night sleeping on the floor.

“You know, sleeping on the floor is better for your back,” he said. “He did give me a blow-up mattress, but he didn't give me the connection piece. So I couldn't blow it up. So I just slept on top of it.”

Classic. This story conjures two reactions: empathy, since it demonstrates that even major league baseball players sometimes have to (try to) use air mattresses, and puzzlement that the Royals can't make provisions for their major league players to avoid sleeping on top of unflated air mattresses

I'd never thought about these kinds of things happening to major league baseball players. Hard to picture that a league-minimum player on the Yankees or Red Sox would be sleeping on the floor of another player's apartment. I mean, can't the Royals just put the guy up in a hotel for a few weeks?


At 6:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Royals had Greinke living with Brett for quite awhile...there may be some desire to try and tie these guys together by doing this sort of thing.


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