Friday, April 08, 2005

Salaries 2005

2005 player payroll data is now available. Of course, the Royals have one of the lowest overall payrolls in baseball - $36.9 million, down 22% from last year's free-agent frenzied $47.6 million. Only the Devil Rays have a lower payroll.

The Royals' median salary this season is practically in line with the major league minimum. Forget the Yankees; the team's payroll standing in their own division is deficient:

Chicago: $2,000,000
Detroit: $962,500
Minnesota: $750,000
Cleveland: $500,000
Kansas City: $352,000

The Royals do lead MLB is one undesirable category - the highest percentage of payroll tied up in one player's salary. Sweeney's $11 million salary represents 30% of the team payroll.


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