Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Today's Lineup

-- Pena has Gotay sitting today in favor of Tony Graffanino. Why? His MLB tendencies against left handers have hardly been established, and he's a switch hitter anyway. Can't he just let the kid play for a few weeks before sitting him out? (Of course, Graffanino is 2 for 2 as I write...but my point still stands!)

-- It wasn't just talk: Eli Marrero is indeed at 1B. Emil Brown, who earned the starting right field position, is starting in...left field. Matt Stairs is doomed to an 0-for-4, 2K day facing even a mediocre left hander like Maroth. Man, it's always frustrating to see the Royals struggle against even the most uninspiring left handed pitchers. An early 2-0 lead is refreshing, though.

-- Hernandez pitched a strong first two innings... and is unraveling in the third.

1) The dreaded leadoff walk
2) Followed by a single
3) Compounded by a wild pitch. Composure!

But he managed to wiggle out of it giving up only one run, leaving the bases loaded by punching out I-Rod and Magglio. Nicely done.

-- Of course, I have no idea NOW it happened, because I rely on the gamecasts to follow the action. I need to get my IT fellas at work to fix my Gameday Audio problem so I don't have to rely on this. Consider the contrast:

Audio: "(Dull buzz of crowd) Sharply hit towards the hole between 1st and 2nd (crowd noise rising)...base hit going into right field! (roar of approval)"

Gamecast: Pitch 7 - In play, no out(s) recorded (Constant hum of monitor)

Can you FEEL the drama?

UPDATE: I've been pretty much wrong about everything today. FOUR demerits:

1) My "Royals never hit lefties" rant has been rendered silly, as the Royals have chased Maroth in the 4th with 5 runs and 11 hits.

2) Matt Stairs hit a solid double against Maroth.

3) Graffanino is 3 for 3.

4) Hernandez steeled himself in the 3rd and DID NOT unravel. In the 4th, he fell behind 3-0 to Da Meat Tree and came back to strike him out. That's not the kind of mental toughness I've come to expect out of a Royal pitcher.

I'm wearing the Toilet Seat of Shame around my neck right now. Really.


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