Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Disclaimer: I don't watch college basketball.

I thought last night's NCAA championship game had an odd feel to it. It was like a 5-12 first round matchup rather than a #1 vs. #2 dream matchup. That's not to say that Illinois wasn't a good team, but they just seemed physically overwhelmed by North Carolina, who boasted demonstrably more talented players at nearly every position. I can't recall an overall #1 seed having practically zero inside offensive AND defensive presence; Illinois generated all of their offensive from the perimeter or from garbage baskets. They weren't even a slashing team. And they had no way of stopping North Carolina from 15 feet in.

I'm shocked that such a perimeter-oriented squad could only lose one game all season playing in the Big 10. Their incredible defensive teamwork and intensity makes up for the difference, I suppose, and Bruce Weber must be one fantastic coach. He squeezed every ounce of productivity out of that team to get them as far as they did, which was a tie game without about 2 minutes to go. But I don't think I saw one future NBA player on the floor for Illinois.

On the other hand, Sean May, as dominant as he was in this tournament, looks like an NBA journeyman to me. He's just too short for center and not athletic enough to be a top-tier power forward. He'll be a useful scoring sixth man, though.

I was really impressed with Felton.


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