Friday, April 08, 2005


(Blogger has been functioning poorly lately. I intended to publish this post last night...)

Thanks to the magic of DVR, I managed to watch all of the important parts of today's game in 20 minutes. -- I thought Greinke pitched well today, at least up until the point when he was smashed in his right forearm. (I suppose that's like saying "I was driving my car extremely until I ran over Ms. Johnnybottom's Yorkie.") His control was fabulous and he kept the Tigers off balance by changing speeds very well. By his reaction, it didn't seem like Greinke was hurt very seriously. It'll probably be sore tomorrow, but it didn't appear to be anything more. But with this team, I fully expect to awake to the headline "Greinke's right arm amputated following rare blood clot due to internal bruising; left arm amputated by mistake, too." -- The 7th inning nuclear meltdown as preventable - twice. First, Teahen was eaten up by the ground ball hit by IRod. The ball was hit pretty hard, but that was a tailor-made double play ball. If he fields that cleanly, the Royals end that inning down 2-0. Teahen looks completely lost at third base. And this was supposed to be his STRENGTH. So far he appears to have much more poise at the plate than on the corner.

Second, of course, Graffinino's pathetic attempt at a backhanded flip cost the Royals one run and more importantly one out. That would have NEVER happened to Gotay (wink wink).These are the markers of bad baseball teams - a progression of declining play in a short period of time leading to massive breakdown and insurmountable deficits. Its also called the Royal Way. -- There are lots of things to look forward to this season, and I'm certainly looking forward to Bautista's first start tomorrow night. I'm afraid he might get pummeled in Anaheim, but it'll be fun to watch anyway.


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