Sunday, April 17, 2005

A Second Spitter?

The more I've watched the video replay of the Gary Sheffield-Drunken Nincompoop incident, the more I've become convinced that the fat guy in the Gap sweatshirt, two seats to the left of the Boston Striker, deliberately tossed his beer on Gary Sheffield as Sheffield returned to a standing position after picking up the ball. When I first saw the highlight, I didn't notice it; I thought Sheffield had just knocked the beer out of the woman's hand just to the left of the Fenway Flailer. A Yankee-lovin' colleague at work pointed it out.

I suppose its possible that the guy just lost his grip on his beer because he was startled, but I ain't buyin' it. Watch his beer hand - it moved quickly and authoritatively - DOWN, and to the LEFT. DOWN, and to the LEFT.

He tossed that beer. And he did so BEFORE Sheffield had made his lunge at the Beantown Brawler, which makes it even more egregious.

But I haven't read a thing about it. Hopefully, the Boston Police and MLB will nab this Second Spitter. Proposed penalty: tossed in Boston Harbor in leg chains. Rescued by secretly placed underground divers. Scared Straight. Barred from buying alcohol ever again, under pain of being tossed into Boston Harbor again.


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