Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Quick Smack

-- Zack Greinke is an enigma, and even when he's successful he's entirely too hittable.

-- The Royals don't handle player movement very well. Mike Wood was obviously very upset that he was being sent to AAA and being converted to a starter, and it sounds like it was something they sprung on him without any warning. Where's the love?

Frankly, Mike hasn't been very good in his role in middle relief for the last 6 weeks, so perhaps a shake-up is in order.

-- Its hard not to believe in the White Sox when they keep spanking the Royals like this. Its not that the Royals are any reasonable barometer, but these games are really the only time I pay attention to the Sox. They're so vastly superior to the Royals in every aspect of the game.

Why wouldn't the White Sox be interested in Sweeney? Frank Thomas isn't able to stay off the DL (even moreso than Sweeney), and the White Sox could use a solid bat for the playoffs. Ken Williams isn't afraid to trade good prospects for players who can produce now, which would fit the Royals demands for a top talent in return.

Sounds like a good fit to me, except for whole "Don't trade in your own division" nonsense rule-of-thumb.

-- Will any team meet the Royals' asking price for their three tradable commodities - Affeldt, MacDougal or Sweeney? The deadline approacheth, and I'm guessing that one of them will be gone by Sunday. I think it will be MacDougal, but Baird will settle for lesser prospects than he originally demanded. I don't necessarily think this is a concession on the Royals' part; I agree with their strategy to ask for the moon but settle something..less....than...the...moon, whatever that may be. This is Mike MacDougal we're talking about here.

Question: Would you trust Mike MacDougal to be your closer if your team was in contention for the playoff? If not, would you trust MacDougal in any other role BESIDES closer?

I wouldn't, but a desperate team will try to make do, so I'm thinking a grade B+ and B prospect for MacDougal.

Or Affeldt.


At 4:08 PM, Anonymous tfn said...

I don't really care whether the Royals trade Affeldt or MacDougal because I also don't have a very high opinion of them, but I'll be surprised if Allard can get much of value for either. Neither one has the established dependability required by a team trying to make a stretch run. And I don't think Allard is going to trade either one of them for a questionable return, at least I hope he doesn't. Despite Allard's ballyhooed success at flipping marginal veterans for prospects, I have to ask which of those prospects is contributing anything significant yet at the major league level? I'd rather take a chance on Mike and/or Jeremy somehow evolving into the real thing by 2007.

At 10:28 AM, Blogger DL said...

Agreed. Baird should hold out for top prospects in return or not trade them at all, esp. since they don't NEED to trade either of them.

I think its a bit early yet to judge his recent prospect deals.

At 11:01 AM, Anonymous tfn said...

Yes it is definitely too early to judge Baird's recent prospect deals, but he's certainly been getting a lot of kudos given that none of them have panned out yet. I still have high hopes for Bautista, Huber, Ambres. Best case, they will all be important Royals by 2007 and the kudos will have been deserved. Chip Ambres is certainly making his case since coming to KC.

At 2:47 PM, Blogger DL said...

Huber can rake. Its hard for me to imagine that he's not going to be a solid replacement for Mike Sweeney, barring injury. Bautista...I don't know.

At 9:32 PM, Anonymous Brendan said...

I think that this post on a new (to me) Royals blog gives some insight into why Wood was sent down and why he's so pissed about it:

(click on "Financial Situation Part II: Service Time Mistakes" in the previous posts section)

Looks like the move will make him ineligible for arbitration this year.


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