Thursday, March 17, 2005

'Roids in Congress!

The Congressional hearings today are pretty good theater - not because we're learning anything revelatory or enlightening, but simply for the spectacle of pro athletes being subjected to questions they can't or won't answer. Mostly, though, I thought the questions were softballs; most of the time the players weren't in any position to answer or could easily claim ignorance.

McGwire's opening speech was fascinating; he was so shaken and emotional, and clearly disgusted at the prospect of being dragged before Congress because of a book written by a malcontent looking to cash in on a vagabond career. In fact, that was everyone's sentiment with the exception of Sosa, who simply didn't have much to say. Not surprisingly, the panelists are dodging the questions with the exception of Canseco, who didn't miss many opportunities to plug his book.

Some things we've learned:

1) Curt Schilling is trying to goad Canseco into a fight in the Capitol Hill parking lot.

2) Sammy Sosa is a fountain ofnothingness. "To my knowledge, I don't know, I'm not sure." I think perhaps he's using his language barrier as a crutch a bit too liberally.

3) Rafael Palmeiro - Wow, what a handsome and articulate man. I have no idea what he's doing here.

4) Jose Canseco - Understands his market. He's been blunt and inflammatory where it suits him. Strangely, every response begins with "In my book....".

Bernie Sanders, in true old-style liberal form, is using his opportunity to speak to launch into a diatribe. "I see dozens of cameras covering this hearing, but where the cameras when we're TALKING ABOUT CHILD POVERTY?" Bernie, child poverty is an important problem, but Congressional hearings on it are not must-see TV. I consider myself a liberal in many ways, but shrill, caustic maniacs like Bernie Sanders do the cause no service.


At 12:34 PM, Anonymous Fester said...

David - So, just how sincere is Mark McGwire in being an anti-steroids spokesman?

The Yahoo!-hosted web site for the Mark McGwire Foundation for Children, which supposedly would be the outlet for these operations, is as dead as his Cooperstown chances.


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