Thursday, April 28, 2005

Guillotine Watch

I'm dumbfounded at the plethora of ways this team can lose. I thought the Royals would be bad, but I guess you can never prepare yourself for THIS level of sucktitude. There may be no greater challenge on God's Green Earth, unless you're a Lost Boy of Sudan, that to blog the Kansas City Royals in 2005. I need STRENGTH.

How much longer can this go on? Baird and Glass have already given Pena the Kiss of Death, er, Vote of Confidence. Doesn't SOMEONE have to be the scapegoat here? If this Self-Mutiliation continues for much longer, someone will Get the Guillotine.

Here are some truths:

1) Neither David nor Dan Glass will fire themselves.

2) Allard Baird will not be fired during the season.

3) Firing the pitching coach isn't an option, since he's been here all of 21 games.

4) That leaves two possibilities: the hitting coach (Jeff Pentland) and the manager.

Pentland is in his 3rd season as hitting coach, so his probationary protective bubble has burst. I'll predict he'll be the first to go. But they may just fire Pena and Pentland at the same time.



At 11:10 PM, Blogger Daniel said...

I have a thought. The Royals aren't patient at the plate.

Not being patient at the plate often means swinging at the first hittable pitch, which means it's very difficult to draw a walk. Not being patient at the plate means it's less likely the hitters will work themselves into hitter's count, thus getting the hitter's into situations they are more likely to get a hit...and, hit for power.

No plate patience, less walks, less power.

Mr. Pentland should be fired...and Pena shouldn't be far behind with his...unusual late-game decisions and his flare for the dramatic loss.


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