Friday, March 18, 2005

Friday Blather

The Royals are playing third fiddle to the NCAA tourney and the MLB steroids brew-ha-ha today.

-- Rob and Rany have finally posted on update on the Royals. The platoon argument is rather convincing, though it flies in the face of current conventional wisdom on roster composition. But is there a better season to experiement with things like roster organization, the four-man rotation, multiple platoons than this one? Um, no.

-- Jose Lima will get the ball in the season opener. Thankfully the Royals have spared Zack Greinke, far and away the team's best pitcher, the "pressure" of starting on opening day against Detroit in front of 20,000 people. Degenerate gambler tip: the Royals are highly likely to lose that game.

-- Elvys pitched very strong three scoreless innings today, before being touched up for 3 runs in the 4th. If starters only had to pitch 3 innings...

-- I'm cautiously optimistic about Angel Berroa. He's been getting on base with frequency this spring and has been running well. He hasn't shown much power yet, though he did finally hit a home run yesterday. I soured on Angel after last year's putrid performance, and I'm not convinced he's anything more than a flash in the pan. But he's done little wrong this spring.


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