Saturday, April 30, 2005

We Need a Bailout

Nine straight losses...

... and Emil Brown's still dropping the ball. 5 - 18. Running out of words here.

If the Royals get swept this weekend, SOMEONE gets the ax.


At 5:15 PM, Blogger Throwing Meatballs said...

Wow, are you serious? Did you not know that the Royals were going to have some tough times this year? Its not like they are being blown out every night. How many one run games have they lost? Why not look at some of the good things that are happening on this team. I personally am ecstatic about the number of good young arms that ole Allard "Something for Nothing" Baird is gathering.

Andy Sisco has been absolutely amazing. Look at his K/BB. Hitters will adjust in time, but he is amazing right now.

Burgos's stuff is outstanding. Finally a Royals pitcher that throws a good splitter. Maybe bringing him up was a little premature, but I have to think Baird did to have him working with Hansen.

Bautista. Rookie of the year if he can just be consistent. He is only going to get better.

Grienke. Just going to get better.

That being said. I am anxious awaiting the arrival of Teahen because that should mean the exit for Emil Brown. It was a good experiment, but 19Ks in 56ABs is unacceptable.

DeJesus, the kid knows how to get on base. The stealing would be nice to have, but as long as his OBP stays above .370 I am happy.

Focus on the positives man. Focus on what the kids are doing. Who cares about Emil Brown dropping a ball? He isn't going to be here in 3 years when this team has a serious chance to contend.

At 9:21 AM, Blogger DL said...

I do focus on the positives. I've stated on numerous occasions that this is a "developmental" season. My focus is on starting pitching this year, and I'm encouraged thus far. My ax references simply deal with the fact that the Royals will have to conduct some impression management if they lose at a historically awful clip. Its a matter of public credibility. Fans who pay closer attention to the team might be emotionally prepared for a bad season (I say MIGHT, because this team has been painful to watch even if you expect losing), but the garden-variety radio talk show fan is going to be screaming for blood, and the Royals will have to deal with that if this team not only loses, but looks REALLY bad doing it (as has been the case this year).

And if Pena is fired...well, sometimes life has its bonuses.


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