Saturday, July 30, 2005

Trade Weekend

Latest rumor I've read:

Matt Stairs to the Red Sox? If the blockbuster with the Mets and Rays falls through, Stairs is an acceptable alternative to Aubrey Huff. The problem with this deal is that AB needs to end his fixation with a corner outfielder, since the Red Sox have none.

Personally, I would love to see the Royals enter the proposed 3-way deal by offering Sweeney, Stairs and MacDougal or Affeldt in place of the Rays' offer. Sweeney is better than Huff, and MacDougal is the equal of Baez (who is also a flake). Stairs would fit a need for the Red Sox. If the Royals could get Petit, Milledge, Anibal Sanchez and Kelly Shoppach (as the deal has been reported), I don't see how the Royals could turn it down. That's FOUR blue-chip prospects. This deal would be a coup for the Rays or the Royals if they can pull it off.


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