Saturday, March 19, 2005

Jayhawks Jolted!

I haven't watched college basketball all season, and I didn't watch the game last night between Kansas and Bucknell (but I did watch the 2nd half of the Vermont-Syracuse game. What an incredible game.)

But I hear Kansas lost. That's a shame.

Now I'm wondering - is it worse to have a bad season overall (like my alma mater, Missouri) or have a very good season only to lose in the 1st round of the NCAAs (um, Kansas)? I think its worse to lose the tournament game, if only because all of the pain and suffering is encapsulated into one depressing moment. In a poor season, there is little pain, just the dull annoyance of watching your team lose time-and-time again.



At 8:41 AM, Anonymous D. Derek said...

A bad season is much worse. A single-game loss hurts, but the nature of the tournament forces you to expect it, unless you're a Duke fan. You still have 20-25 good games to look back on. I still have nightmares about 18 missed free throws against Syracuse, but I also have tapes of the Arizona, Texas, and Duke games that year.
Bad seasons, on the other hand, break your spirit. Even after last night, I'm a KU fan (spending six years writing tuition checks makes it tough to turn my back on the team). After the past decade, I barely call myself a Royals fan anymore. I try, hard, but they do little to retain the love I developed for the team when I was a kid.


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