Saturday, March 19, 2005

Saturday Mourning

Question: Is it worse to have an out-and-out poor season (as did my alma mater, Missouri) or, like Kansas, to have a very good season come crashing down with a first round loss of EPIC proportions?

The latter, no doubt, because all of the pain and heartbreak is firmly encapsulated into one searing moment. A bad season is like a dull headache; it never goes away, but it never cause too much pain, either.


Disclosure: I didn't actually watch the Kansas-Bucknell game. I simply enjoyed the aftermath. I did, however, watch the Vermont-Syracuse game. I've never seen Vermont play in my life and I have no affiliation with the university, but I was as animated as I could be cheering them to victory. There is nothing as sweet as watching a REAL underdog win - unless you're a Kansas fan today, of course. That's a shame. ;-)


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